Total Image Group utilizes custom ERP to boost internal processes

Total Image Group utilizes custom ERP to boost internal processes, streamline workflow, and improve customer experience. The enterprise-wide software integrates with web applications that allow company employees to monitor metrics, view sales statistics, and compile reports. The company uses this customized ERP to make its customers’ shopping experience easier and more personalized.

Custom ERP for the Total Image Group

The Total Image Group integrates its eCommerce managing enterprise with custom ERP, which boosts internal processes and streamlines workflow. The ERP also helps the company better understand its customers. The system works through an integrated web application, which allows employees to monitor metrics and compile reports. This way, the business can better adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

An ERP system allows companies to track all of their data in one location. It eliminates the need to maintain disconnected spreadsheets, which are inefficient and unreliable. All users can see the same data, allowing them to make informed decisions. This also ensures that data integrity. Custom ERP systems can also be scaled and expanded as the company grows.

Depending on the requirements of your company, you can choose which modules you need to implement. For instance, a finance module will help you automate your financial processes and compile key reports. In addition, a CRM module will help you manage customer relationships and manage sales and individual initiatives.

New fashion-focused label Capsule Collection Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a great way to reduce the amount of time it takes to get dressed and reduce the amount of money you spend on clothing. The concept is not new, but it has gained in popularity in recent years. The key is to find clothing that fits well together and you can mix and match. ThisĀ Total Image Group will make it easier for you to save money on clothing while also helping the environment.

For example, the Classic Six capsule collection includes a double-breasted navy blazer and a cream shift dress. These pieces are inspired by 1960s British icon Twiggy, and can be worn for different occasions. A white tee and jeans are often worn with one of these pieces.

Work clothes and uniforms provider

Work clothes and uniforms can have a significant impact on the way your business is perceived. Not only do they make a great first impression, but they can also help build your brand. The right uniforms can be an extra touch that complements the good work your employees are already doing.