The Hydration Infusion

IV hydration therapy is a unique treatment that provides electrolyte-packed fluids directly into your bloodstream. These fluids may be infused with additives such as calcium, magnesium sulfate, vitamin B complex, amino acids and immunity boosting antioxidants.

This type of hydration is ideal for those who are constantly dehydrated, have poor rehydration habits or simply need an effective way to replenish their bodies with vital nutrients and electrolytes on a regular basis. This treatment also helps those who have underlying medical conditions that need extra help keeping their fluid levels in balance.

There are a number of ways to receive hydration infusions, including at an IV bar or lounge, or at home using a concierge service such as Mobile IV Medics. At these locations, you’ll find a trained medical provider who can provide you with the treatment your doctor ordered.

Typically, IV hydration is administered with a needle that is inserted into your vein through a small tube. Once the treatment is complete, your IV nurse will remove the needle and apply a bandage to the injection site.

Some people report feeling a pinch when theĀ GLOW IV Hydration Infusion needle is inserted, but it’s usually very painless afterward. During the course of your treatment, your nurse will collect information regarding your medical history and perform a physical assessment.

You will then be placed in a private treatment room where you can enjoy some light music and relaxation before your IV hydration is performed. Once your treatment is completed, you will leave with a bag full of customized fluids that were specifically designed to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to refresh your body, there’s nothing better than an IV hydration treatment. This is especially helpful when you’re sick or recovering from a sports injury, but it can be beneficial for anyone who doesn’t drink enough water on a regular basis.

This type of hydration has an added boost of electrolytes and vitamins in a full liter of fluids, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. The benefits of this kind of hydration therapy are immediate and last for up to several days after the treatment is finished, depending on your hydration needs and the fluids you’re receiving.

At Florida Mind Health Center, our hydration treatment is custom-designed to meet your quenching needs and to leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. We’ll work with you to choose the right mix of fluids, electrolytes and nutrients that will make you feel your best and get you back on track.

While IV hydration is a safe and effective treatment for many common ailments, there are a few risks to consider before undergoing the procedure. Some of these risks include:

Fluid overload: If too much fluid is infused, you may experience headaches and high blood pressure. This typically resolves quickly if your fluid levels are rebalanced with proper hydration.

Hematoma: An hematoma is a swollen area that is caused by the flow of blood through the vein. It often looks like a bruise and usually goes away in a few weeks.