Level8 Luggage Review – Textured Checked 24-Inch

Luggage Sets

Level8 makes hard-shell suitcases, backpacks, and travel accessories. They offer a wide variety of designs and styles. They also make luggage sets, which save you money if you buy several different pieces of luggage at once.

Textured Checked 24′

The Textured Checked 24-inch luggage from level 8 luggage review is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stylish, lightweight suitcase that won’t break your budget. It comes with a large interior space for all of your belongings and an aluminum alloy handle that can smoothly extend to various heights.

You can find this model in a wide range of colors, including black and gray for professionalism or floral white to exude class. This style of bag is perfect for a family vacation or trip that lasts for a week or two.

Another great thing about this model is its easy-to-open and close latches. They feature a simple TSA-approved combination lock that allows you to pack securely and protect your items from tampering.

Its design is a nod to classic suitcases from the past, but with a modern twist. Instead of a traditional zipper, this piece features two metal latches and a TSA-approved combination lock to keep your luggage safe.

Aside from its unique design, this LEVEL8 luggage is very durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s made from tough Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate material, which is both scratch-resistant and waterproof.

The textured shell finish is also durable, and it doesn’t pick up fingerprints easily like some other hard-shell luggage does. It’s also lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand frequent use, so it’s an ideal choice for travelers who love traveling with suitcases.

This luggage is also waterproof, so you can store your belongings inside even if the weather is rainy. It also has a laptop compartment that’s perfect for storing your electronics.

It’s also lightweight and has a telescopic handle that is incredibly comfortable to hold. It’s also super easy to maneuver around airports.

While it doesn’t have as much room for packing as Monos’s Hybrid Check-In Medium, it’s still a decent size. It’s not a huge difference at all, and it will fit a few extra items (like an extra shirt or socks).

As you can see, this is a versatile suitcase that’s ideal for both business trips and leisure travel. Its streamlined design and large interior space will help you organize your things, so you can pack everything you need.

Its 360-degree spinner wheels are very easy to maneuver, and they’re silent and durable so you can navigate noisy airports without distraction. Its telescopic handle can be adjusted to your preferred height and its padded shoulder straps will make you feel safe and secure as you carry it. Its TSA-approved lock is also an additional security feature that will prevent your luggage from being tampered with while at the airport.