How to Choose the Best Virtual Receptionist Services for Your Business

When potential clients reach out to your business, they want a quick response. They don’t want to be sent straight to voicemail or a contact form; that makes them less likely to call you again and more likely to find the services of a competitor. Virtual receptionist services enable your clients to connect with a live person quickly, making their experience consistent and positive. They can take down client intake information, schedule appointments, send documents for e-signature and even handle new client onboarding—saving you time while providing your clients with an excellent customer service experience.

Hiring a full-time employee is expensive and requires extensive training. But using a virtual receptionist service can provide your company with the same level of customer support, without the extra overhead and management costs.

The best virtual receptionist services this website integrate with the software your business uses, from appointment scheduling apps to CRM systems to case management platforms. They also allow you to control how your calls are routed and manage the policies and procedures that govern how your receptionist handles your callers.

Before choosing a virtual receptionist agency, it’s important to understand what your expectations should be. Ask the agency how they handle callers that don’t know who they are or why they called you, for example, and whether they ask for your first name when they contact you. Consider how much flexibility you need around your office hours, including whether you need to offer callers the option of scheduling a future appointment or service with you.

Many virtual receptionist agencies charge a per-minute rate or a monthly subscription with a prepaid package of minutes that doesn’t expire. The best virtual receptionists are transparent about their pricing models, with some offering a clear cost breakdown so you can decide if their services fit your needs. They should also have a way for you to monitor your usage so that you can upgrade or downgrade your plan mid-month, especially if you expect to experience high call volumes at certain times of the year.

The best virtual receptionists will also allow you to listen in on your calls with a client or customer, so that you can hear how they perform and what their experience is like. Some will even encourage you to do so, as it’s an easy way for you to make sure they are meeting your expectations and representing your company the way you would like. If they are not, you can ask them to change their script or approach.