How Geek Culture Is Changing the Health and Wellness Industry

Geek therapy is a mental health intervention that uses so-called nerd culture as a way to connect with clients. The idea is that a conversation about anime, gaming, comics and other traditionally geeky pursuits can serve as a creative access point to exploring a client’s individuality. Geek therapists believe that engaging in these conversations can reveal more about their clients than direct discussion of their real-world problems.

The podcast’s host, Erik Enoch, describes the ways in which geek therapy can be used to facilitate discussion of mental health and other personal topics. It is often less intimidating and can be more effective than traditional counseling. Using the example of playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons, he discusses how using fantasy worlds can provide an opportunity for individuals to explore their feelings and behaviors without feeling stigmatized.

During the episode, he also describes how Geeks Health, which was launched in 2018, uses a similar approach to help individuals improve their lives. The site provides high-standard health and fitness information, debunks myths, reveals facts, and shares recipes, natural remedies, beauty, fitness and healthy lifestyle content.

In addition, Geeks Health advocates for lifestyle changes that can help increase brown fat levels and activation. This can be achieved by embracing cold water therapy, consuming nutritious foods, and increasing melatonin intake. It can also be accomplished by incorporating exercise into one’s routine.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly critical that companies prioritize employee wellbeing. Several studies show that a company’s focus on employee wellbeing is correlated with improved financial performance. In the episode, Cumello highlights a number of initiatives that Geeks Health is taking to encourage employees to engage in healthier habits, such as focusing on ergonomics, encouraging employees to take frequent “danger walks” and providing opportunities for employees to have fun with co-workers through physical activities such as dodgeball or football.

While it is important for businesses to focus on wellbeing, Cumello stresses that it cannot be crowded out by urgent business demands. She recommends assessing workforce wellbeing, training employees at all levels, and equipping leaders to role model healthy behavior to drive lasting cultural change.

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