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EAORA week in Holland

Filed Under (EAORA) by tony on 03-07-2011

Just returned from one of the best EAORA week’s ever in Holland with plenty of sunshine and a 30 knot race over in just over 10 hours from West Mersea to Ostend. The results were fantastic and the best so far in the new boat.  Amazon won the week overall and were second to Cosmic Dancer in the Mary Hill Trophy for the short week. We also won class 2 in both events and the Graham Wallis Memorial Trophy for the race from Breskens to Ostend on the last day. The week was wide open and so was the class until the last race and as we had already taken our discard by going aground in the Veersemeer on the Thursday (ooops!) it was still mathematically possible for us to win and that we did finishing second on the water to Heartbeat IV after a long reach with our fantastic code zero up. A big thanks to all the crew who did fantastically well – Chuffy, me, Bungie, Hollywood Mick, Simon and Ollie. The trip back was uneventful as we motored all the way in about 7 knots of wind from the NE, that is until we ran out of fuel off the Buxey, so up went the code zero and the mainsail and we sailed up the river in a strengthening breeze right up to the fuel pontoon in the marina!

 Amazon sunk race 2011 video   this links to Jason Payne-James’ Facebook page


Photos of the week 


Some photos from the EAORA Ralph Herring and Pattinson Cup

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Photos taken by Chris Star from ‘Titian’

 Click on any photo to enlarge, then click again to view full size

Amazon returns to Burnham

Filed Under (Amazon) by tony on 05-05-2011

I decided to leave Amazon on a mooring at Mersea until the wind died down as it’s been 20 to 30 knots for the last four days. A great trip back on Thursday flying the code zero getting 8.5 knots in 14 knots of wind. A big thank you to all the crew who sailed over the weekend it was a great result for our first races offshore – Tony, Chuffy, Iona, Graham, Steve, David, Digger, Winge (for one day) and John (one day only).


EAORA Patinson Cup

Filed Under (EAORA) by tony on 01-05-2011

Another really windy race with 20 knots gusting later to 30 knots. With another strong forecast most of the fleet decided not to race. Again Amazon led the class all the way to the Whitaker and flew the code zero downwind reaching 14 knots. Same result as yesterday 2nd in class and third overall. Still lots to learn.

EAORA Ralph Herring race

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Our first race outside the river was a real test of crew and boat. The race started in about 20 knots and finished in 30 knots with big seas caused by wind over tide. The boat flew off the start on a fetch and then a beat and we led our class and then the fleet round North Eagle. We had a few problems on the first run loosing a spinnaker sheet but held good position, with a 6 mile beat in big seas before the final run up the Crouch were we reached a top speed of 14.5 knots. We were second in class to The Geek and third overall. Not bad for our first race

Site issues

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So looks like the database had been deleted, anyone know how I can get that back?

Nearly ready for racing

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This latest photo was taken yesterday in the marina with the name now on the quarter and with most of the major jobs done.

Amazon in marina

We’re now ready to go racing!

New Boat Arrives

Filed Under (Amazon) by chriswah on 03-03-2011

The new boat arrived safely today by road all shrink wrapped and we now can’t wait to get afloat in early April.



Amazon is for sale

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by chriswah on 18-12-2010

Yes Amazon is for sale to make way for a new boat which will hopefully arrive in March 2011.

For full details of the existing Amazon see and for full details of the new Amazon see

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