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Dabchicks Sail East

Filed Under (SailEAST) by tony on 13-09-2011

Final results for Amazon at the Dabchicks SailEast over the weekend, with winds ranging from 8 to 18 knots on Saturday and gusts of 25 knots on Sunday.  Three firsts in class won us class 2 for the weekend and also a third overall, our best result so far on the Blackwater. The trip back with Stewart helping me was a little wet with a 20 knot foul tide beat all the way from the Spitway to Burnham, but at least we were back in the safety of a marina before the gales over the last few days.  Click on this link for the final Dabchicks results  

So for the year, we won class 2 and were fourth overall in SailEast and in EAORA we were also fourth overall but second in class – not a bad year for the new boat. Can’t wait for next season.

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